Help! DVD Decryptor Problems

ok, something in windows xp has to be affecting it, cuz this is the second time this has happened:

when i am ripping to .iso, every single dual layer disc it is reading will just stop to 0 when it reaches about 50%…and it will start racking up read errors…one time i came back to a disc that was in the dvd burner for like 4-5 hours and it was STILL at 50% and it had like 10,000 read errors,

anyways, the last time this happened, i ended up wiping everything clean on my computer with a fresh copy of xp and i loaded up dvd decryptor. (someone reccommended this), and i didn’t do any xp updates…not even service pack 1. it has been working perfect ever since up until i started adding software, and eventually just started letting windows update do its thing…i don’t know what triggered it, cuz i haven’t tried ripping a dvd in a couple months, but i do know that its doing that same exact thing it was doing before :a . any ideas? i know its not the discs, one was even brand new…i’m using a liteon ldw-411s. thanks

could be ASPI layer. try the 460 aspi

i downloaded the file for the aspi, but mine’s already up to 4.6 according to the check tool…