Help - DVD comes up as Blank


I recently bought COD world at war… got the disc today and put it in my DVD. It comes up as a blank disk… nothing on it.

I tried it on a machine at work and all the files show no problems and autorun runs fine…

My DVD reads other discs fine. One strange thing did happen recently… my DVD no longer shows up in Nero as a DVD-ReWritable… i hadnt got around to fixing it but it could be related


Believe it is Sony…

Please someone help!

Hmmm dont worry had a good look at disc and the ink is completely screwed… WoW what a top quality disc print for my collectors edition copy lol.

Still dont know why Nero doesnt see my drive as a DVDRW though :confused:

Ok so i ended up having to return 2 copies to the store because of the dye problem. Then they gave me a copy that looked ok. I put it in my dvd drive and it came up and installed. This morning i went to play single player which requires the disc… it says:

Please insert the correct DVD-ROM, select OK and restart the application

So i went to my computer and explored the dvd drive… now the disc shows up as empty…

Am i going crazy… So do you think this is a drive thing or that this disc also had bad ink… can discs deterioate over night? :S