HELP!? DVD-CD burner external LITEONE errors



I bought a DVD-CD burner external LITEONE a year ago,have it USB 2.0 connected on new DELL 8400,now getting errors,wasting discs, locks up with red light on ,disc spinning,must force shut down to remove disc

DVD-CD burner external LITEONE
model LDW-851SX

problem seemed to start after ENABLED nero image drive v.2.27,so I could burn some cd discs,bin and cue images,which were successful,but now cannot burn DVDs, get errors like SCSI failed,or cannot end session,have a pdf of failures if that helps diagnose?

help me?? :bow: :bow: :iagree: :iagree:


My only suggestion is to disable Nero Image drive and get an emulaton program such as Alcohol 120%. Send the error messages to me and Ill see what I can do.


here is pdf log of errors

Failed DVD nero burn on new FUJI discsapr10-05.pdf (16.8 KB)


Alcohol 120% only creates problems,rebooting in cycles,im trying to remove it in safe mode,what a nightmare.


after I removed nero and other burning software,and reinstalled Nero ,external LITEONE DVD drive still has errors, seems intermittent ,as did burn one DVD,but others get errors
-SCSI command abort
-could not perform end session
under device manager there are 2 ! yellow marks
any ideas?


I tried another pgm ,ashampoo studio v 5, but get same SCSI errors, and cannot find drivers for these two



Looks to me like you are having USB errors on that dell. reinstall the drivers for the USB controllers, and see if that doesnt help your problem. Not sure whats causing it, colud be a rogue driver.