Help ...dvd Burnt With Dark Rings At Center

i have a SOHW 812S DVD burner and i have been have problems burning dvd recently. the program would say the dvd burnt completely but with i try to play it would play fine initially then freeze. i notice a bunch of rings on the burnt dvd especially a dark one at the inner beginning of the data area. this occurred to all the dvds i try to burn recently. can somebody PLEASE HELP

what type of media are you using? have you changed media recently or just started a new spindle? use dvd identifier to post your media code…

i’m using memorex printable DVD+R 8x. its a new set i got and its the first time i’m burning at 8x…but at the beginning , it worked fine…its only now that i’m getting usless dvd.

what is the mid? use dvd identifier…

without the mid all i can say is…as a general rule memorex sucks, and it is very possible for the quality to vary even within the same spindle. try some fuji/tdk 8x+ made in japan. if you still experience the same problem, it is time for a new burner.

Mid (cmc Mag)

What kind of cmcmag (if they are 8x+r I’m guessing that they are cmcmage01)?

Dvd+r, 8x, Media Type Id (eo1), Manufacturer:cmc Magnetics Corp.

try better media like i suggested. hopefully it is a media quality issue…

I know I have heard of that hapening before (not often but it has hapened) and I think it was with other liteon drives. You might want to try searching the forums to see if you can find a thread on it (I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything). If I recall right it would only do it on certain medias. With one person the disks would play fine, with the other some wouldn’t play right. If I recall right though, in both cases, it would only do it with certain media. I woud take spryfly’s recomedation and try some diffrent media. Personally I would see if you can find some maxell 4x+r. they should be ricohjpnr01 and liteons tend to love them. It might be a good media to check out the drive. If you want to stick to 8x then maybe some maxell (maxell002) or verbatium +r (mcc003) (liteons do beter with +r than -r).

Here is a link at newegg. Everytime I have gotten the they have been the ricohjpnR01. Like ripit said ricohjpnr01 is a good media

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