HeLp DVD burning



ok i know media player 10 is capable of burning downloaded movies on to dvd but i am new at this and dont know what is needed. i only have the cd option right now. what i need to know is what codec or what do i need to make it able to burn the dvd? someone please help me :confused:


Is it? I’d be really surprised if it could do that.


Even if it could, I wouldn’t use it. there are free programs to do just about anything you want (good ones). If you are downloading pirated movies, even discussing it is not allowed here. I’ll just throw that in but in all honesty, there are lots of legal downloads, independant movies, documentaries etc. and sometime people are too quick to jump in as the forum police and asume that.
Assuming your content is legal, you need to find out what file format it is. It is most liklly not dvd format (which will have several files such as vts_?_?.vob. You will defanatlly have vob files as well as others. I say it is most liklly not dvd format as it is to large and usally not used as a download video format. Likewise, mpeg 2 files (what dvd uses, thats what vob’s are) is again, to big for the internet (most of the time). there are many diffrent formats (and I really do mean many). If you just want to play them on your computer, all that is usally needed is a codex (simple instructions for your software on how to play that file type). You can burn them to a dvd as data and play that back on your computer easy.
If you want to play them on a stand alone dvd player, you need to convert them from what ever file format they are into mpeg 2 (which standard dvd video uses). In adition, you need to author them. That means you create the nessasary suport files (and the mpeg files get renamed to .vob). Dvd is capable of menus, subtitles, diffrent audio with the same video and so forth. Even if you don’t use these features, you still have to have the support files. there are simple to use programs that can take many types of video files, convert them into dvd compatible files and create the nessasary files (you will need to create simple menus, its easy).
Before I go on further, can you provide more info, what you are trying to do, what you want them to play on, the file format if known, what software (purchased or free) that you already have?
That might seem like a lot but it’s not too hard (if you have the full version of nero 6 its pretty easy, but like most programs, nero might not like all file formats as a source file). and again, ther are good free ones too.
Please provide more info
(fyi system specs, drives used, media-the media code as seen by dvd identifier, not the brand, etc are always usefull things in working out most problems).


I wonder who told you that…

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