Help-DVD Burning using Multiple Drives(4)

NEED Help from the Experts Here to review my thinking…

Searched the forum and have not run across exactly what I’m looking for in the following questions, if there is and I have overlooked can someone please post the link?

Currently have a CoreDuo 2 E6400 with 2Gb of Ram with two SATA 1.0 200Gb Drives in a set to be 400Gb.

I have installed a Silicon Image 680 with the IDE non-RAID BIOS and attached four DVD Drives as follows:

Silicon Image 680 Controller
Primary Controller: Sony DRU-830A Master / Sony DRU-830A Slave
Secondary Controller: Pioneer DVR-111D Master / Pioneer DVR-111D Slave

I do Video Editing and have the need at times to produce four copies for customer final projects.

Using Nero 7 and trying to duplicate to all four drives at the same time at either 16x, 12x or 8x takes at least 45 to 55 minutes!!!

I’m unable to see how things are over-subscribed here…

Let’s take 12X (16Meg) for example, let’s say the SATA drive is pushing four copies, one for each DVD drive, that’s 64Meg, SATA should be able to handle this requirement.

Each Drive is receiving 16Meg to the same PCI controller, that again only being 64Meg to that PCI card, PCI should be able to handle this correct?

I looked at the DMA settings for the drives under the Silicon controller, it shows the Sony’s at “Multi-Word DMA Mode 2”, the Pioneer’s show up as “Ultra DMA Mode 4”. DMA Mode 2 should still support the 12x copying?

From what I have seen on the forum, the Sony’s should be able to support DMA Mode 4 as well. The controller does not give me any option to change, is there another way?

What am I missing here, Will Nero 7 not support what I’m trying to do or do I need to look at another controller?

Thanks for any input!

You cannot burn multiple copies to different type drives, they all need to be identical. Even then, the chance of problems is high. No 2 drives burn at the exact same speed, but with identical drives your chances are better. My approach would be to use just 2 drives on different channels, and burn no faster than 8x. But it’s really going to be trial and error.

What you’re “missing” is the idiosyncrasies of an IDE controller and the effects thereon of burning to drives that are not burning at the same speed. The effect can be a sort of a “see-saw” result where the software is alternating from one drive to another. Frankly I’m surprised you were able to finish such a 4-drive burn at all.

If you watch all the drive buffers in Nero during the burn, you should be able to see what’s happening.

If you really need to do this regularly, suggest getting a real DVD duplicator. Not cheap, but it’ll do the job right.

Most PCI IDE controller cards will not properly support optical drives. My 0680 certainly doesn’t.

And Multi-Word DMA mode 2 is no good for burning CDs ,let alone DVDs.

I think [B]Cdan[/B]'s analysis is about right and what should work is using the Pioneers on separate channels on the card, but the Sonys look like being a non-starter.

I have similar situation. But all my DVD drives are on IDE on board and my WD 250 is on SilconImage. At one point I tried to burn 2 difference movies at once. I open 1st cloneDVD2 back up 1st moive then I open 2nd CloneDVD2 back up 2nd movie except the 2nd one I changed my temp folder to differnce HDD and it worked (I used same pair IDE per movie.)

three sata drives, one to IDE one to USB and one to wirefire, I can burn three diff ones at the same time

you could go 4 sata sources to 4 burners if you have a card for the second internal burner, one internal with IDE, other with card, two external one with usb and one with wire fire

I have been burning with 2 drives for a while, occasionally with 4 drives. Speed wise, I usually choose 4x; 8x is highest I can go, bigger chance for error for sure. I can’t wait beside computer, swapping disc, thus why I use multiple drive to burn; I’d say it is better using 1 drive ony. So far, 2 drive at 4x speed is good.