HELP! DVD burning problem

Ever since I bought my DVD burner drive, I’ve had the same problem. I can burn short DVD (less than 20 minutes or so) with no problem. But, when I try to burn a longer one (about an hour) then the system crashes mid-burn. I thought I was trying to too much with too little memory, so I upgraded from 256 to 512, and now my DVDs finish the burn, but the discs are no good. When I try to play them on my computer, or on my home DVD player, they make the drive freeze up.

Here are my specs:

I am running Windows XP SP 2 on a Dell Dimension DIM4550 with an Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz processor and 512 of RAM. My optical drive is a Emprex DVD Dual 8x model : IDE 1108 - Firmware : B430

Any ideas?

If you could tell us what brand of discs are you using, that would help a lot :).

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I am using Verbatim “Digital Movie” DVD-Rs and I’m buring using Nero Burning ROM 6,6,0,2

Hmmm… well Verbatim discs should be OK. Could you post a Nero log file of a burn, please (not forgetting to edit out the serial number from the first few lines).

Thanks! I’ll try a burn and post the log file when I’m done. I REALLY Appreciate the help

This time the burn process failed. Here is the :

You cut the important part out.

I would buy a better dvd burner anyway.

I didn’t cut anything out. That is the entire log file. Anyway, what brands of burners do you recommend?

Does anyone else think the problem is with the burner? Are Emprex burners prone to this kind of problem? Any help would be appreaciated.

I think what chef is meaning is that the log file you posted contains only information about how Nero re-encoded your pictures and video. There isn’t anything about the burning of the finished product to DVD.

I posted the entire log file. How do I get to the information you need?

Maybe you could try just copying a non-protected DVD, using the ‘DVD Copy’ facility in Nero. Anything that won’t involve re-encoding…

It just looked to me as there were some lines cut at the end of the log…

It never shows “burn failed” or similar.