HELP DVD burning help needed

hey all im new to burning dvds and am having some trouble. i downloaded the free dvd shrink 3.2 bc my friend uses it and says it works good but every time i try to use it says dvd protection error or something. what other program do i need to use? is there a free program that does good quality? if someone could give me step by step instructions that would be really helpful thanks for your time in commenting back. THANKS

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Another alternative is this:

or if you want the DVDShrink use this:


Before shrinking the movie files, you must first rip the files to your hard drive using a program like DVD Decrypter. After you decrypt (rip) the movie to your hard drive you can then try to shrink the movie using DVD Shrink.

The biggest problem that you will run into using those two programs is the fact that neither of those two programs have been supported or updated in almost two years.

I would highly recommend that you purchase AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2 (both made by Slysoft).

AnyDVD is a decrypting program that runs in the background and has manage to decrypt (rip) every movie that I have thrown at it over the last two years.

CloneDVD 2 is the program that you use to write the decrypted files to the a blank dvd.

When I boot my computer AnyDVD is always loaded and is constantly running in the background. Even though it is running I sill use DVD Decrypter to rip the movie so that I have a visual picture of what is taking place.

After ripping and somtime shrinking a movie, I always use CloneDVD 2 to write the movie to a blank dvd. I said sometime shrinking because, I have found that DVD Shrink is no longer capable to shrinking all the latest movies.

Since that is the case, when I trip over a movie that it can’t shrink, I still use CloneDVD 2 (which will shrink most movies), to either shrink and write the movie to a single layer DVD+R (with the menus removed) or I write the movie to a Dual Layer DVD+R and retain all the menus.

For more information and some tips start on this page of mine:

and follow the links that you think may help you.


Use DVDFab Platinum. it always work for me :slight_smile:

you can download a free trial version for 30 days!

i think they have the link here somewhee in this forums.

I just tried for the first time to burn DVD with DVDFab. I copied it to my harddisk without any problem. But when I try to copy the movie to a blanc dvd-disc I always get message “windows can’t…” How come I can copy the movie to the harddisk and not to a dvd-disc???