HELP! DVD Burner problem

Hey guys, I have a problem with my sony dru 300a problem.
I upgraded the firmware to the latest one and everything worked perfectly fine untill one day all my dvdrs started to fail. my burner fucked like 6 dvds in a row. I usually burn using dvddecrypter and alcohol 120%. when i try to burn images the buffer is @ 0% and the burn is going @ 0kb/s -_- i tried to burn at lower speeds but it didn’t work.what should I do?! im using philips blanks to burn, same one i used till now.

I have somewhat similar problem i upgraded the firmware 2.1g (i also have DRU-530A) and everything was fine then all of the sudden windows reports the drive as a cd-rw drive only, no dvd media works in it now, not even commercial dvd movies.

Isn’t that a CRX 300a?!?