Help dvd burn causes lock-down

I am new, please help

here is my problem, I am burning dvd avi from my hard drive, to dvd burner. I start the burn and about one minute into the burn process, my computer will freeze and I am forced to reset. I have no problem playing the avi file on my computer, and I was able to burn one avi dvd with little problem, it took about 3 hours to burn. Since my first dvd burn i have had this problem, with every avi file that i have on my hard drive. Please help .

Here are my computer specs:

window xp 2002 home edition
pent 4, 2.4ghz, 512 ram
hard drive 112gb with 43gb free space
sony dvd rw dru-810a
nero 7 ultra edition

If there is more info that I am leaving out let me know, I am hoping this is something simple. Thanks for all replys.