Help DVD 5 and DVD9

I tried to copy a dvd for the first time to try it out. I used custom and set at dvd 9 (100%) but it was too big to fit on blank dvd. Now i cant get it back to less than 100% on dvd 5.
I had saved the file so deleted it from the directory but no luck so i uninstalled software then reinstalled but still stays at 100%.
How can i fix this.

What software are you talking about :confused:

HI, i downloaded the trial vertion of DVDFab platinum and was trying it out under customise now if i click on dvd5 its 100% when before i think it was 54%. I canot try in customise becouse its going to be too big for the blank dvd. How do i get customise to show dvd5 at less than 100%


Have you looked at the review on DVDFab that was done by recently; it is very thorough and provides a program walk through which might help you better understand the software:

One question have you tried to use the DL media rather then the single layer media? It cost a few pennies more but you should spend a little more to get a better 1:1 at 100% copy of you media that way you won’t degrad the media when play back on big screen so you don’t loose the quality of display. DVD+5 and DVD+9 have different capacity and size. If you can live with the compressed dvd+5 media from dvd+9 then that one way to go as the dvd+5 media is inexpensive nowdays but remember you do give up screen display quality to fit on dvd+5 but for me I can live with the loss in compress display.