Help, dumb question

I have a lvw-5101 that was previously modulated through my vcr to the tv.
Now I want to take old junk vcr out, but the rf out does not work with my tv?? The rca outs still work. Do I have tv on wrong channel or what?? THanks for any help,
John in Cape Canaveral.
(no I’m not a rocket scientist)!

does your tv have video 1 and video 2 settings?

bet it does, set it to one or the other and see if it works, if using the RCA plugs on the back for input

if it does, I don’t know about it, it’s a cheap Phillips 21 inch. The only input it has is a cable connector (screw on type) for cable. It has cable tv and antenna option, but I can’t receive from the dvd player. I wonder if there is something wrong with the rf output on dvd recorder lvw 5101? I bought it at sams club, with the 3 year warranty, but if I take it back, no telling what they are liable to give me. I noticed video degradation with the vcr hooked up, that’s what started all this. Thanks for the help,

If I understand right, the RF connector only lets the cable signal pass thru to the TV. (DVD players normally don’t have RF outputs, and you HAVE TO use A/V lines to send their picture and sound to a TV set.)

The RF on the LiteOn recorder likely doesn’t send the DVD playback to the TV. You need to use the yellow (video) and white and red (audio left and right) lines to do that. (Or the s-Video for…VIDEO!)

What you’ll have to do is go to Radio Shack and buy an RF modualtor. It’ll do what the VCR was doing, taking the Audio and Video feeds and converting them to a TV channel (3 or 4, I think).

From that you feed the signal into the TV.

I don’t know about the 5101, but on my 5007 the RF output on the back explicitly says “(NO DVD OUTPUT)”. So I’d also go with what gastrof says.