Help - DualDisc killed my Lite On 1673

I stupidly picked up the new Trey Anastasio DualDisc, Shine, this week, thinking maybe my experience this time would be better than the last time with Ben Folds’ latest album - this chosen over the crappy copy-protected disc (a format I absolutely will not support by purchasing.) I was wrong. I figured it was still going to be a problem getting the stupid thing to work in my drives, but gave it a shot in my Lite On 1673. Just like last time, the drive didn’t recognize it, but went through a series of spin-up noises that never amounted to much. And just like last time, a generic DVD-ROM that I’ve had for 6 years read the disc just fine. Now, however, I find that I can’t play ANYTHING in my Lite On without getting choppy sound. What has happened?! Has anyone else run into this kind of problem, and how did you solve it?

Secondly: what drives CAN I count on to handle these stupid DualDiscs without problems? I guess this stupid format is here to stay, so I’d like a drive that can handle it when I have no option but to buy the DD.


No one has encountered this situation or has any advice?

Have you tried turning off autoplay…

Yep, long ago . . . always one of the first things I do when I install Windows. Here’s the really weird thing that I discovered last night: it will rip audio okay - but playback is completely screwed up. Will flashing the firmware solve anything?