HELP - Drive will not format BD-RE discs


Would really appreciate some help here - getting none from Dell or Microsoft.

Have an HL DT ST BD-RE ata drive BH20N, has latest firmware installed - C106/A05.

I cannot find anyway to format Memorex BD-RE discs. Tried 2 discs from different batches with lots of different softwar. Always get the message “Windows cannot complete the format” immediately select format.

Have read posts on this site, but unfortunately none apply - tried the cross flash to bh08n. But my dirve is not a clone, so no joy there. Dell inform me this is a software issue but won’t give me the solution unless I pay for it. I see this as their having sold me a system that does not function. Problem exists under both Vista and Windows 7.

Thanks for any help offered.

You want to erase the disc?

Use IMGburn (free) to use your disc, its the best program out there now.


Thanks for reading and responding. As stated I have tried many software products, including ImgBurn. No joy.