Help - Drive spinning way to fast after flashing

Hi there,

I managed to flash my Pioneer DVR-111D drive under windows successfully. I used the DVR-111L firmware (dangerous brothers) and everything is reported all right. The drive works fine except that now when it spins up it spins at about 100x faster! its the noisiest part of the Computer! This thing sounds like its going 10,000 rpm.
The other thing is that windows is now reporting that it only has 2 changes left (vendor changes)

First has anyone else had this ?

Is there a way to change the firmware perhaps to the 1.23 firmware now ?

I can;t continue with the drive going this fast.


Yeah, “100x faster”…

I’d like to see that really.

Im not talking about the write or read speed I am talking about how fast the disc is spinning physically.

It happens on only certain discs. It seesm Yuden and other higher quality discs like verbatim are fine but cheaper ones seem to spin much faster and louder from before.


Just relax and don’t worry use Yuden and other higher quality discs like Verbatim and there is Nothing to worry about. IF it keeps doing it after a few weeks post back and let us know. :slight_smile: