Help, drive died while burning a dvd-r



Hi, I was burning a DVD-R and realized i forgot to add a crucial file and cancelled it, unfortunately Nero decided not to let me cancel and hung so I restarted the computer. However, now my NEC3540A hangs whenever I read or attempt to write and nothing I do helps. Any suggestions? I’m completely at a loss. =/


The drive could well be dead.

You mentioned that Nero was hanging after you clicked the ‘Cancel’ button but what I want to know is, was the drive still active just before you restarted your PC? By active I mean, green LED flashing on the front bezel or perhaps a noise coming from the drive?

If one of these things happened just before you restarted then it may be possible for a fresh firmware install to recover the drive.

I can provide details on how to install firmware if you don’t know how to do it.


Well I got it to work, just put 1.04 on and switched out a fresh disc, everything works A-OK now. Thanks a lot. =)

I’ll never cancel a disc like that again, might as well just let it run its course than risk another one of these things.