Help, Doom 3

Hello, I’m new to the forums and I’ve been looking around to figure out how to make a backup of Doom 3 and most of the time i do not understand what you guys are talking about :stuck_out_tongue: . I do not know what type of Burner I have, will need help in finding out. I’m useing either Alchol 120%, Nero, or CCD, I’ve tried them all but no sucess, and I bleive is because im not doing it correctly, need a step by step, im a noob at this. I’ve tried burning it several times and no luck at all, it always says: Please insert CD1. I do not know what to do, and need your guys help. Also, what would be the best CD Burner that i could use to create backups of games such as Doom 3 and for other games that will be comeing out in the nearby future, and what would be the best program to use to get the job done and would work at best? Thanks.

Welcome to cdfreaks ardanza :),

to get a little overview of hardware and software which may be able or unable to create a working backup of DOOM 3 which is protected by SafeDisc 3.20.022 take a look at this thread SafeDisc 3.20 Successes and Non-Successes. You should also take a look at the tutorials forum and especially at philamber’s guide Copying SafeDisc 2 protected games. It’s up to date for SafeDisc! It’ll take some time for reading this but I think it’s the best way to start solving your problem. By the way it would be nice posting all your optical drives, with this information there’ll be some more help for you. Good luck :).

hi, also may i say welcome to cdfreaks :),
as of now the backups made of safedisk are poor, and ar far from 1:1, they only work in some drives and blank media types, and need alot of emulation. for now as kalus said look at the safedisk 3.2 successes and non-sucesses forum, but i am pretty sure that alcahol team/blindwrite team/slysoft (clonecd) are working on a good way of backing SafeDisk 3 up so ill just wait :D.

oh, and please nobody post saying that they have backed safedisk 3 up with a no-cd cr@ck, these are ILLEGAL :cop: and are not helping the cdfreaks comunity, cdfreaks copy protection forums are about finding a LEGAL way to back up games. also no-cds are not good as when officual patches fot the game are relesed they almost certantly will update the main .exe file(s) so the copy wont work, thanks :slight_smile: