Help Dont Know What The DVD Burner Is. HP Pavilion a708uk

Hi ,I have a fairly new HP pavilion from Comet with XP Home installed. . As I preferred Win XP Pro , I wiped the HP version and all its associated utils and installed XP Pro. The dvd writer comes up as a Philips when using Clone DVD 2 and an LG on other progs. Cant find any related firmware to install , the model is GWA 4083B. and is made by LG-Hitachi. Been having probs with dvd’s sometimes not running in the standalone player, and think it may need the firmware. I have a Goodmans DVD recorder with a built in tuner which I replaced my VCR with and everything plays first time in it, but not in the standalone player which is also an LG. Any help would be appreciated. I am using budget discs and wonder whether this could be part of the problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

I was down at Future Shop here in Vancouver ( Canada, of course ) and had a look at
some of these new HP machines. I opened the tray on these optical drives, and it sure looks
like the familiar LG-ish belt-pulley tray mechanism. Yet, the bezel does not look like anything
produced by LG or Hitachi for that matter. These are probably the restricted/limited LG drives
designed to use only +R/RW media. So, I would assume these are the TRUE OEM LG drives
that LG warns in their firmware update instructions NOT to flash their firmware to.

I would think you probably need to change the booktype on those disks in order to play
on older stand-alone players, and better yet, use quality media. LG likes only quality media.
like Maxell and Fuji branded Richoh and TaiyoYuden, or MCC.

LG also supports some Taiwan and South Korean media, just not as importantly as Japan-made media. It’s just safe to go with the best types of media regardless of drives. Even with Lite-On and BenQ, that’s true.

Thanks for your advice peeps .It does seem to be a special but I dont want anymore coaster… Have to try it with some decent blanks as you suggest . Dont know how much they cost in Canada but I get mine from here.