Help don\'t stare Ud3P and Memorex (Memorex 20x MRX-530L v1 Internal)

[qanda]This thread is about the Memorex 20x MRX-530L v1 Internal. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]ok so i have a ga-p45-ud3p motherboard and this dvd writer

and the thing wont read let alone burn any cds
i tested it on a different computer and it works
and i bought another of the same drive to make sure it’s not the drive’s fault. It’s connected to the only ide port on my motherboard [ud3p]

when i go to install the drivers it says no device available heres a pic

wht do i do???

pls and thnk u

cmon ppl i really need help immeediately i have a project to do

and this is suppossed to be a forum with ton of ppl on it? i can get better help on wiki answers

im quad posting bump

i dont have days i have 35 more minutes to fix this problem

mega bump

this is a life and death situation here wht the heck is Jmicron Drivers and how can i isntall them?

…maybe if you used Google you could’ve found this easier than try to hijack all the other threads with your ranting.

Have you also tried Gigabyte’s own support section of their site for drivers specifically for your motherboard? :eek:

Forum members are not paid to offer advice or help, so please don’t impose yourself. If you are in an emergency, maybe a paid per-incidence tech support will be able to help you quicker.

ooooooooooooooooo im so srry u feel tht way
but yes i checked gigabyte’s website and their website isnt mcafee secure so i dont trust the site
second which Jmicron driver do i download
thnx by the way

Ooooooo you trust McAfee Secure. That’s just so juvenile. But I’ll deal with it.

Check your device manager to see which matches with the available drivers.

The quickest way is to throw out McAfee, get a REAL protection suite that doesn’t give so many false positives, and download straight from Gigabyte themselves. I had a ton of Gigabyte boards before I switched to a Mac and using their support site is not risky.

Either you experiment with the drivers available on the JMicron site (and waste time), trust the site of your mobo manufacturer (and waste no time), or just die in your life-and-death situation.

LOLLLLLLLLLL! my device manager tells me its Jmicron JMB36X Controller

and isnt there a way to disable this and use the intel thing cause i dont have 2 hard disks so i wont be running Raid

oh yeah by the way my Mcafee tells me tht cd freaks is yellow
i use kaspersky for anti virus - totally unrelated

If it’s on the IDE port there’s no way for it to work if you disable JMicron - it’s that specific chipset that drives the 2-channel IDE found in your motherboard. You can also try setting the onboard IDE/SATA controller in your motherboard (enter BIOS) to IDE rather than RAID mode to reduce issues with the controller. The Intel ICHx only controls your “differently colored” SATA ports aside from the IDE+SATA ports driven by the JMicron.

In other words, you have to make the JMicron work for you to use your IDE optical drive.

I use a hardware firewall, a router, and ipfilters + Mac OS X’s builtin firewall (+ outbound software firewall too). Oh, and Sophos Corporate too for those pesky Windows virii. I don’t trust them Windows protection suites, Kaspersky’s also become bloatware.

k thnx i figured out the prob if any other noob out ther is having the same prob as I then do this go here and download the ones without the esata bull sh** just download teh files with the shortest name me for example downloaded and it worked now to see if i can burn cds

Ok so i use Zonealarm, Kaspersky, Mcafee, Norton, Trend Secure, Panda, Windows Firewall, Windows Bit Defender, Virus Total, NsOD32, Mac address Clone, Mac Address filter, WAP2 Personal TPIK,

but heck no do i use Sophos nad Mac built in crap cause thts bloatware

anyway let the original companys battle tht out themselves as we dont get paid for verbally abusing each other for company names

[QUOTE=quick_help_dont_stare;2234332]but heck no do i use Sophos nad Mac built in crap cause thts bloatware[/QUOTE]

That’s stupid. At least I don’t have to deal with JMicron crap and all those “protection” software like you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with your life. :flower:

I had a similar problem with a sony DRU-710A. That is why I now have a Sony - NEC AD-7200S.

Mty sister could not use the drive either. It shows good and works on my friends system which is a Mac. :confused:

I can offer this, Driver scanner 2009. Uniblue. Don’t allow it to update any pci or system stuff without back up though. It jacked me up because I had no new back up. luckily I had backed the registry a few months back.

[QUOTE=evo69;2234333]Good luck with your life. :flower:[/QUOTE]
It sounds like he may need more than luck on his side.