HELP! DMA / PIO problem!

I’m relatively new at messing with this stuff, but I’ve got a major problem with the Memorex 48X24X48X CD-RW (rebadged Lite-On) I’ve installed. It wouldn’t work at all with a “This device cannot start Code 10” error in Device Manager.

After some Internet research, I changed the mode on the Secondary Master IDE (where the Memorex is) from DMA to PIO. Now, the drive works but is still not recognized by Windows XP as a CD-RW. I can write to it from Nero, but at much lower speeds that it should (average of 16X). The drive is supposed to have DMA and Ultra DMA support. I’ve checked cables, uninstalled and reinstalled it, etc. to no avail. It only seems to work under PIO.

Please help with any suggestions to get the DMA functionality working! Thanks in advance for your help!

What motherboard do you have, and what bios version?
Windows XP will normally step down from DMA to PIO mode if it encounters DMA errors from the device. There could be a problem with Windows XP in your case, but I would say look at the hardware first. It could be bad motherboard support for DMA (bios update will help that), bad IDE cables (easy fix), or a bad drive (less likely). Try putting the drive on the primary channel, or try the drive on another computer, if possible.

Finally got DMA working after downloading and using Intel Application Accelerator. The only problem is I have found that I can only use UDMA-1. When I use UDMA-2, the drive is either not recognized at all or I get the problem first posted (Code 10). Maybe it is the cable. At least UDMA-1 is still faster than PIO.

After getting UDMA-1 working, I also was able to flash the drive from Memorex to Lite-On LTR-52246S. Tried going to UDMA-2 after the flash. Still no luck. The drive definately supports UDMA-2. Just can’t get it to work in my system.