Help - disk caught in tray



I have a Philips DVDR77. The tray won’t open (it has a disk in it). It seems like it tries, but its stuck somehow. I don’t see a hole for a paperclip. There must be some way t o get this out. Thanks.



Did you get an error message on the display: ABxxxxxx? If so it probably needs to go back to Philips for repair.

IIRC from the old forum, in the meantime you can try leaving it unplugged for 24 hours. When switching on again, hold the ON button in whilst powering up to do a reset.


No error message. It tries to open and then just shuts off after a while. Have tried resetting, etc. No help. I called Philips and they said I had to send it in for repair. It really doesn’t pay to send into Philips unless it’s under warranty. You can pick up a like new one on ebay for $120. By the time you pay shipping and repair it will cost that much or more. I was hoping there was some other way. Oh well.


Open the case and see what is going on. It might be easily accessible.


If you are not putting it in for repair you have nothing to lose open it up…
just a thought but does the front of the tray not come off…


Open it up! I have fixed several drives and a PS2 that were “stuck” like yours, it is simple most of the time and usually only takes a few minutes to get your tray re-aligned, back on track, or whatever else the problem may be.



I seem to recollect an ancient post that stated that there was a
narrow slit in the bottom of the Philips tray-door that allowed
access to the tray release mechanism. I’m at work so I cannot confirm this
with my DVDR75.


Sadly, the “caught-in-the-tray” syndrome is a common one for Philips’ Recorders and is not related to the tray or the drive mechanism. It is a short in the circuit board asnd can only be repaired by replacing the circuit board.

I had gone round and round with Philips on this problem (an “authorized repair center” replaced the drive twice with no help). My recorder was in the shop for four months until they authorized a replacement (which arrived dead in the water). As they had it long enough to use up the remaining warranty, I was SOL.

Lesson learned.


This works for my HDRW 725, I’m not sure for the DVDR 75. Turn the player upsite down, where the discdrive is there is a small hole covered with a paper sticker, remove the sticker and with a small screwdriver you can open the tray.


I would have argued with them on this one.


Update - progress report

OK, the unit is open and I had to unscrew the drive from the base, but I have finally gotten the tray to open. Now the question is if I can get everything back together again, and still be in proper alignment. Here’s hoping.


*Update 2 - I knew it was to good to be true

Well I screwed the drive back in and tried to open the tray. No good. I unscrewed the drive screw by screw, but can’t open it again. It is now all apart again, but won’t open. I saved the disk, buy that seems about it, so far.


Final update

I got the disk out, once. I cannot get the tray to open again no matter what I do. Another paper weight for my collection.


Actually, i got the replacement (after 4 months) by arguing and finally going to the top. However, I was told that Philips’ policy on Warranty is that only the original Warranty holds. Nice folks, stinkin’ policy.

BTW, all the attempts and fixing the drive will ultimately fail (you will save your disc though) as the problem is in the circuit board. I have not heard of one successful return to working condition once the tray freezes.


It didn’t work, what I told you?


For what it’s worth…

I just found a note to myself, inside my dvdr75 manual
stating that if a tray will not eject…
try holding down the “Record” & “Eject” buttons on the machine,
while plugging it in.
Dunno if it’s a viable solution, but it’s worth a try.