HELP! Direct X / Direct Draw... Expire!?

Afternoon good people of CD Freaks, really need your help on this one and KNOW you guys are the one for this one!

To be as brief as possible, so you don’t fall asleep on me, I have a stupid problem with Direct X and more so the Direct Draw!

I have recently upgrade my machine to very good spec’n’stuff (another story) so its all fast enough for the taxing of applications.

On the Direct X side of it all, I upgraded the Direct X to something I already had, or what said was version 8. The original Direct X that was on the system is whatever comes with Windows 2ooo.

I’m guessing the Direct X I installed was a BETA version, becasue when any game, application or video clip utiliziez Direct 8 it keeps coming up with “Direct Draw is a BETA version and is Out Date, please update”.

Fair enough, I did and… nothing, samething again, out of date!
When I use the Direct X Diagnostics it comes up all OK, I think, but shows versions of 5 something in the list and 1 of the many being BETA.

I tried un-installing the whole thing, even uninstalling my Hercules GeForce 2 Ultra drivers and anything to do with display and re-installing it all… but samething!

I tried to install and older version, such as 6.1 and 7 but STiLL the samething!

I then got made, tried deleting them manually off the system, but STiLL, the samething!!!

Saying all this, the system does work and fast enough or atleast normal when using Direct X for Video Clips, but still with the same message but applications such as MadOnions 3DMark 2oo1 and Games don’t work very well or at all.

Please REPLY anyone, if you know of this problem, had it or even SOLVED it before, would be most grateful as I’m one of about 4 people with the same problem and ALL trying same/different things or totally different machines… YET ALL with the SAME problem!!!

Thanks for your time everyone,
hope to be hearing from you ALL soon!!! :slight_smile:

You have completely remove directx 8?? Interesting. I had a problem a few months ago that said my vid card drivers were out of date. I reinstalled the vid drivers and then Direct x8 after ward and it seemed to clear it up. Since you have different versions on the pc , there may be confkicts with it.

Well, I kinda of got round it in the end by re-installing Win’2k Pro over my current version, which didn’t damage my programs or anything, it just went back to its original state and I was able to continue with Direct X…

…However, I went to Micro$soft’s offical web site, updated Direct X to there new 8.1 Full release edition and it seemed to have worked. :rolleyes:
About 6 hours later after being out for abit, I rebooted the machine and tried to start a few different games and MadOnion’s 3D Mark 2oo1 and… again ‘Direct Draw’ wass out of date!

I’m now re-installing Win’2k Pro and leaving at that till I figure out whats doing it!?

PLEASE, if anyone else can think or know of anything relating to this matter please let me know?

Hmmm… Is there something hidden within Direct X for Backup versions of Win’2k or something to ddo with the Serial number I use?!

Thanks for your time! Have a KooL day! :slight_smile: