Help! - Demuxing VOBs, Audio stretched

I’m in the process of converting some VHS tapes to DVD. I’m using a LiteOn DVD Recorded (can’t remember the model off my head) and using DVD Shrink to trim it into a single VOB file. I then use VobEdit to demux so that i can fix some sync issues, however…

Sometimes the audio file is longer than the video, this does not happen all of the time. Does anyone know why this would happen and where in the process it might be caused? Before demuxing its very slightly out of sync, but consistently the same throughout.

Thanks in advance,

While on the issue, would it be feasible to record video through my DVD recorder and audio directly from my VCR to laptop, then put them back together? I’m not sure if either method will be slightly distorted…

I don’t mess with VOB files. But I have seen a lot of posts about this same type problem at in the forums. You might try going there and doing a search. I believe it has something to do with the actuall format the audio is in on the tapes. It can vary from ac3, lcpm, dolby, etc…