Help dealing with multiple streams using Vision

Hello, I believe this is my first post asking for help. I came here for the most part to help whoever I could, but I actually have a problems with Nero.

I’m on Nero using Vision. I have a video that has both a French track and an English track. When burning in Vision I cannot select the track so I’m stuck with French. I also tried to see if recoding to nero digital would work, but when I played it back even after selecting the second stream, it was still in French. This was just the preview, I didn’t want to convert and waste a couple hours to just see it be the same. Has anyone dealt with this? Do you suggest a separate program that could do this?

I couldn’t figure it out. I ended up using another piece of software called DVD Flick that could delete streams. I deleted the stream and saved it as DVD Video files, then used express to load the files and burn. Worked great!