HELP:Daytek DVR-P30 problems and questions



Hello all,
Sorry if this has been answered before but I did search and couldn’t find anything.
I picked up a Daytek DVR-P30 on the weekend and the clock doesn’t work on it.
Anyone else ran into this?
I mean the clock doesn’t change time, so of course timed recordings don’t work.
I know this is the same as the Liteon 5001 so I thought about trying the latest firmware and see if that fixes it.
But currently I can choose to record 6 hours onto a DVD, and I’ve done it.
I see people being glad that they can choose the 3 hour option.
Have I got something different?
My serial number now is:
990143-1141-F2S8 (010-0109)

Can anyone tell me which version this indicates?
whew, sorry for the long first post.



I take it you have set the clock properly in the setup menu, you never know.

If the clock is not working take it back as timed recordings will not work.

Is your serial number correct? the Liteon site does not recognise it.

Have you tried emailing Liteon support to query with them?



Is “Daytek” in any way even RELATED to the Lite On company? :confused:


At the least they use components supplied by Liteon to create their brand, and the firmware numbering sequence is as per a standard Liteon.

That is not to exclude that Daytek will have certainly had the firmware modified to ensure that things like Daytek rather than Liteon appeared on the Screensaver.

Google for the Model and you will see how alike it is to the 5001, and the exact same model but with an Akai badge exists.

But it is worth a shot to try to see if the firmware would be recognised.


The Daytek is definately a rebadged Lite-on, the motherboard inside has a Lite-on model number.

Has anybody else run into a non working clock?
I bought a couple of these machines at an auction so I don’t think warranty support will help.
I tried calling Daytek here in Canada and got some two bit wanna be tech that had no idea what I was talking about.


From the Daytek site here

Consumer Electronics Product (Limited One-Year Warranty)
All models of DVD Players/Recorders, Home Theater Systems, LCD TVs and Plasma TVs are furnished against all defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year from date of purchase from an authorized DAYTEK ELECTRONICS CORPORATION dealer, an Authorized value-added retailer or an Authorized DAYTEK ELECTRONICS CORPORATION distributor.

For all Consumer Electronics products including DVD Players/Recorders, Home Theater Systems, LCD TVs and Plasma TVs, customer needs to pay both ways freight charges. Drop off to our service depot is welcome in order to avoid freight charges.

The warranty for P871 is One (1) year. Please be advised that some warranty cards show Three (3) years mistakenly.

Check and see if there is a date of mfr on the case like the Liteon’s. They do state in the warranty about where you bought it, but as long as it is in the warranty period try and drop it off at one of their authorized places. By your post you are in Canade and can drop it off at no charge.


Check out this:


Sorry to link to another site but I’m too lazy to write it all down again. If this violates some rule, my apologies. Here is the FW upgrade procedure for the Daytek DP-30:

I figured this out from clues as well as a lot of reading. Now the DP-30 is useful again and I only spent $20 on it since a friend of mine didn’t want it. I replaced the drive with an old LG 4040B and it seems to work just fine, at least with +R discs…


@dougo12 - linking to another site is ok, but crossposting is not. You replied to this topic and then started a new topic with basicaly the same thing fw update procedure but elaborated a little more. I merged your new topic into this one