Help: CRX230E burning 24X CD-RW media at 10X

far as i know the FW is properly updated. i’m sure it could be the media, but i had the problem when i first got this drive of not being able to burn CD-R’s at 52X. i was able to fix that with the utmost satisfaction by upgrading the FW. haven’t had any issues until i tried to use the new 24X CD-RW’s. looking at the SMART-BURN info, it may be the fact that i’m using generic 24X CD-RW’s. here’s a link to the test info from Nero:

any suggestions, observation and/or tips will be greatly appreciated.


Aren’t they 10x-24x rated media anyway?

And what is your drive capable of in speed for CD-RW max?

interesting avatar.

yes they are. it is rated at 32X. i belive this media i have is InfoDisc. i understand that their reputation sucks, so…

i downloaded SmartBurn, so i’m gonna run that and see what i get. Verbatim is hard as hell, if not impossible to find, on a spindle at above 12X.


Drive Type = CD-RW
Disc Type = NORMAL CD-RW
Material = Phase Change
Lead In = 97:25:30
Lead Out = 79:59:73
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB
Manufacturer Maybe = Infodisc Technology Co., Ltd.
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 10X (Write)

guess that kinda seals it, huh? i was so amped about being able to actually burn CD-RW faster than 4X that i just hopped on the best deal i could find…ha! it’s not a deal when they media doesn’t work, ehh!

gotta find some Verbatim. all i can find so far is 10 packs. if anyone knows where i can cop a spindle of Verbatim 24X 700MB CD-RW media, let me know.