Help crossflashing dell BH20N



Hi im new here i purchased a dell BH20N(LG OEM DRIVE) im having a problem with some blank bluray discs (they wont detect in drive) dells firmware is quite out of date so im wanting to no if i can flash LGs firmware ive read on here some drives can do that depending on the model number.
It mentions putting the drive into safe mode to find out the real model but i cant seam to get it into safe mode i follow the steps but it just tells me the same info. I don’t want to flash it incase its not doable and i naff the drive up .

any help on info in the right direction much appreciated


Hitachi LG BH20N (BH08NS20 COR4) crossflash, slow read speed-freeze issue, cant verify discs

The BH20N is an OEM version of the BH08NS20 and yes you can crossflash your BH20N to its LG retail equivalent.

The problem is that the latest available retail firmware for the BH08NS20 is 2.00 (released 2009-10-31) which is still quite old.

What you could do instead, is to crossflash your BH20N to a BH08LS20, for which a newer firmware is available (v2.00-03 released 2011-05-02). Such crossflash will not enable Lightscribe (as unlike L/LS drives, the N/NS drives do not have the necessary hardware for it to work), but at least you’ll be able to take advantage of the newer firmware which has better media support than version 2.00 for BH08NS20.

In order to crossflash your drive, load the firmware in MCSE, tick the relevant boxes you want (increase speed, auto RPC2) and then press save. That will create a new crossflash ready ‘speedpatched’ file. Use this ‘speedpatched’ file to crossflash your drive. Turn off your computer (just restarting might not do the trick as not all mobos cut off the power to optical drives during a simple restart, and LG drives need this) and on restart your drive should identify as a BH08LS20.

Hitachi LG BH20N (BH08NS20 COR4) crossflash, slow read speed-freeze issue, cant verify discs

thanks for the info i tried getting the firmware you recommended but after following your instructions when i try to flash it all that comes up in the list of selectable drives is my virtual drive and not my actual bluray burner as can be seen here



Maybe the flasher doesn’t support Windows 8 (assuming that’s what you’re running by the looks of the screenshot).


i trid it in my other pc (windows 7) after i posted thinking the same but no luck with that either the flasher dose work under win 8 though i updated the normal firmware from dell the first day i got the drive from c105 to c106

its is frustrating though when you buy a bluray burner that fails to detect blank bluray discs lol



Try using DevilsClaw’s Flasher instead:

Use the -r command on the speedpatched file provided by MCSE in order to rip the main firmware from the flasher package, and then the -f option to flash the main firmware to your drive. You don’t need to flash the core. Make sure you shut down completely your computer after you flashed the drive (as opposite to a simple restart).

You might want to let ala42 know that the crossflash option for this drive doesn’t work properly…

Hitachi LG BH20N (BH08NS20 COR4) crossflash, slow read speed-freeze issue, cant verify discs

ill give it a try tomorrow ive been in contacts with the place i got the drive from and they think it might be faulty seen as its not even detecting blank discs so there arranging for pick up and dropping me a new one off lol i still want to be able to cross flash the new one though for the faster speeds so once i know i can get discs detecting ill give it a try then for the faster speeds thanks for all your help so far



my replacement drive came today and all is working as should be its actually recognising blank blurays so my old one must of been faulty thanks for all the info you gave