Help crossflashing back to Logitec firmware - MA18FU2

First of all I admit my total ignorance. I own a Logitec MA18FU2 DVD burner which is an external Firewire drive based on the Pioneer 112L.

To make a long story short I successfully burned RPC1 firmware but now I want to go back to the original Logitec firmware. Logitec uses the OEM signature OEM_EXT. The RPC1 firmware changed it to OEM_INT.

I found some utilities of Koba’s that allowed me to cross-flash to the Pioneer A12J firmware which is PIO_ADV. Logitec only offers a firmware upgrade and no kernel so I am unable to use DVRFlash.

Am I S.O.L. on this? Is there any way I can cross-flash this back to the original maker’s firmware? :confused:

You cannot without a VALID kernel.

Thank you for confirming this and therein lies the rub. I suppose I could e-mail Logitec and ask them for a kernel firmware but I’d probably not have much luck since it’s way out of warranty and anyway flashing it voids the warranty to begin with. :frowning: