Help! Creative vs EasyCDCreator

Its my first time in this forum.
I´ll be very gratefull for any help.
(please: excuse my English, isn´t my mother tongue)
I have troubles with a Creative CD-RW and Easy CD Creator.
I know that the Creative CD-RW works. With an older version of Easy Cd Creator I was using it succesfully (is the software povided with the device)
I don´t record CD´s frecuently, and one day, when I needed burn a CD, appears an error.
After a several times to re-install the Easy Cd Creator, and look for a new controller for the device, i realize that the problem was the Explorer: I upgraded it. And in this case the Easy Cd Creator doesn´t work… so I look for a new version of Easy Cd Creator… But the CD isn´t burned yet

I have installed a Creative CD-RW RW1210E; when I see its properties with Control Panel…System… Device Manager
It say:
Creative CD-RW RW1210E
Device CD-ROM Standard (its Rigth?)
this device woks well

When I try to burn a Data CD, the Easy CD Creator Platinum tell me that there isn´t a Recorder Device installed.
How can I fix this??