Help creating wma audio cd!

Ok I have tried Nero 7 and it sucks. It drops the genre and title from the tagged wma files that are tagged by mp3tag.

So what is the best software to burn wma and mp3 cd’s? I prefer it to automatically put in the cd-text, title, and genre from the tagged files and Nero 7 definitely DOES NOT do that!

Try Burrrn ( .

From what I see that creates cda audio only. I want to keep my wma format so it’s a wma cd.

When you referred to CD-Text I assumed you were referring to Audio CDs.

Creating a data CD with your audio files should be all you need to do I would have thought and then any tagged info is still present in the copied files.

CDBurnerXP Pro is another free option.

Burn it as a data disc. It won’t change the tags in the least. It [I]will[/I], however, alphabetize the files. I use WinAmp and a plugin that adds ‘PL001, PL002, … PLxxx’ to the filenames to keep them in the playlist’s order.