Help creating dvd



created dvd video with nero but it cannot be read. computer won’t even recognize that there is a disk. other dvd’s are working fine. can anyone tell me what i did wrong?


How did you create the DVD? Tell us step by step what you did in Nero.

Also, does the disc play on the PC drive with something like VLC or PowerDVD?


I go to nero quick start in nero 7 ultra then go to create dvd movie. i added the movie file that i wanted to burn. i left the menu option how it automatically appears. i said burn to device optiarc dvd rw. then hit burn. it took about an hour and a half to burn to dvd. to play i have divx or media player. i want the dvd to be able to play in a dvd player also.


If you mean you used the “make your own dvd video” option, that should have worked. To help test if it converted wrong or if it is a burning/disk issue, convert it to hard disk first. Do the same as before, but instead of selecting your burner as the destination, select a hard drive folder. Then open nero showtime. Click the little folder icon to the top left of the play button. Select play from folder, and find the folder you converted to. If the dvd structure is correct, it should play fine. If the dvd structure is wrong, it should give an error about not being a compliant dvd video, and suggest using the media files option to play.
If it is correct, you can investigate issues with your drive or media. If it isn’t, you can look into nero settings to see where the problem is (default settings usally work though).

Fyi, it doesn’t take an hour and a half to burn. It takes most of that time to convert the video files. Once you have done it to your hard drive, you can use nero recode (copy entire dvd video option in start smart) to burn in 15 minutes or less. If it is drive or media issues, it would be good to work from a converted movie any way so you don’t have to wait 1.5 hours each time till you find the problem.


i followed the steps you suggested. when i went to play with nero showtime the file did not burn to the folder i asked it to or any others that i can see. are there any other steps i can take to determine what is going on?


Here are some guides. you can look through the procedure and see if you spot something you are doing wrong. then maybe we can help further.