Help creating a single CD from songs chosen from other CD's

OK. I know this is an easy question. I used to use “My MP3 CD Burner”. That doesn’t work any longer on Windows 10. When I wanted to take different MP3’s off of different CD’s and then add them to one CD to Burn, I just put one in, picked my songs. I then removed it and added another CD etc.
I’m using “AShampoo 2017”, a Free Burner. I can’t figure how to do it. I don’t need to use “AShampoo”. I can use another burner as long as it is easy to do. Also, if I need to convert a CD from WAV, Org etc., do I convert it first and do they go to a file before I can then burn all songs to MP3’s?
Thanks, ptfitzy

Your question is a little confusing. If you have actual CD audio, then it won’t contain any MP3 files. Its a different format.

Its possible you’ve got a bunch of files burned as data on a CD, and those data files are actually MP3 audio, I’ll grant you that. But it isn’t a CD audio disc.

So what do you want? A real CD audio disc or a disc with assorted MP3 files?

If you want a real CD, use ImgBurn to make a CUE file from the assorted songs you want to put onto the CD. You do this by clicking Tools–>Create Cue File. Burn the CUE file to a disc with ImgBurn. If you can play the songs on the computer, then you have the necessary decoders installed, and ImgBurn can successfully handle them to make the CUE file.

If I put a CD with MP3’s on it in a CD Burner, there are checkmarks by the songs. If I don’t want certain songs, I delete the checkmarks.
I then thought I could drag and drop them to a file, insert another MP3 CD and do the same and take songs from both CD’s and then Burn them.
I knew they were Data. I still thought I could do it.

So are you saying I can combine songs from 2 MP3 Discs, or do I need to start over and pull all the songs from my “Music Library” to make a new MP3 Disc?
Sorry if I’m confused.

Thanks, ptfitzy

You should be able to take individual files from your disc and make a new data disc, yes.

If you only have one optical drive, you can make a temporary folder on the hard drive to place the files from several discs, then put them on a new disc by burning them as data. This shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Thanks a lot for your help. If I run into any problems, I may call upon you again.
One more question. Is it possible to convert the MP3 files on the CD Disc to WAV files? Would that make it easier to then put the WAV files on a CD? I know I would only get an 80 minute Disc, but that’s OK.

It is possible to convert MP3 to WAV, but the size of the files will increase. It doesn’t do anything to help make data discs.

Thanks a lot.