Help! could not perform endtrack!

I am using Philips DVD1640p (firmware P3.2), with no problems by burning Data-DVD and Video-CD (CDR), expect Data-CD (CDR)!

  1. start simulation
  2. simulation successful
  3. start burning
  4. could not perform endtrack appeared less than 1 minute

I am using Nero 6.0.01! The attachment below is my burning log!

pls help! thanks! :bow:

You burn ISO in TAO.

Use DAO.

When you post a nero log remember to remove username and seriel.

Thank you, I’m not burning ‘image’ file, but ‘multisession’ data disk.
And I can not find and ‘TAO or DAO’ setting in Nero.

This is my new attachment of nero log.

TAO is “track at once”, DAO is “disc at once”

so if I only can burn the DAO (disc at once), I can not burn the TAO (multisession) anymore?

thank you.