Help ! Corrupted CDs after Succesfull Writing!



Hi all,
Im having a very serious problem with my setup here.
Im getting corrupted data , invalid function, CRC Error, etc
when trying to read a CD that i recorded using my LG 48x CDR and Nero software. Nero says “CD succesfully writed”, but the CDs get corrupted at some random point(some time at the begginning, sometimes at the middle and sometime at the end, really random) Im NOT a newbie on hardware and at recording CDs and have already tried a lot of things to get this solved, but the problem is really mysterious. Im not recording at faster speed than my medium can support (I use quality medium such crystal Dr Hank 32x and LG 48x and already tried different speeds also), and my recorder is NOT damaged, because i tried with other 2 different recorders (a Hp 9300 10x and a LG 24x)and the problems persists. I also think there is no software incompatibility or driver, etc, since i already tried formating my HD and reinstalling Win XP and installed no other software other than Nero burning rom and the problem continues. The problem is really crazy, because not all CDs gets corrupted. (A think I lost ± 4 of 10 CDs i record !). But sometimes i lose 5 or 6 CDs in a row and sometimes I get 3 or 4 CDs in a row with no corruption. Its very mysterious ! I realy dont know what else can i do to solve this enigma…

My configuration is:
P4 2Ghz with AsusP4B533 - 512MB
2 80GB 7200RPM HDS
GeForce 4 Ti4400
Windows XP Pro SP1
All Updated Drivers (Intel AA 2.3, Inf 5.0, nvidia Detonator, etc)

Other things i tried with no success:
-Moved the recorder to other IDE Bus
-Removed All PCI cards.
-Tried WinXP Home, WinME.
-Reinstalled Win Xp in Standard PC mode.
-Disabled all WinXp Services
-Verified my RAM for corruption address (My RAM is ok)
-Older Drivers, Different Driver Combinations, even with no
drivers at all.
-Tried Other recording software (CloneCD, EasyCD, etc)

  • Tried other things that i dont remeber know…
    -Even tried to light two candles and pray for Ala :slight_smile:

My system is running pretty fine (games, music, videos, and other) except for this corruption CDs problem. So i dont know what else do do.

Would apprecciate any Help or Hint.
Please Help Me !

Thank You All.


Are you scanning the CDR’s for read-errors?


Yes. And it acuses CRC Error or “Invalid Function” or “Corrupted Data”


I was referring to read errors, not data errors. Consult the media FAQ and media test threads. Just wanted to know if it was a data corruption issue or just really crappy burns.


Do you mean CD-ROM Drive with Read error ?
Not really.
The corrupted CDs wont read on any CD Drive, already tested the corrupted CDs only lots of different drives. When it does not corrupt the data it read on all CD drives i have.
Its burning corrupted data, dont know the reason.


Refer to the media FAQ and tests thread linked below. Use CDSpeed to scan your bad discs with the “quality test” or “scandisc” functions.


What about your power supply? Perhaps it could be too weak :confused:

well just my two cents…


If you have enabled DMA for the burner try to disable it.


Originally posted by rdgrimes
Refer to the media FAQ and tests thread linked below. Use CDSpeed to scan your bad discs with the “quality test” or “scandisc” functions.

I tested all my Corrupted CDs with nero Scandisk and all of them have lots of Damaged blocks (yellow) and at least 1 unreadable block (Red). The CDs that i thought was readable, also have yellow blocks. I cant Write any CD that goes all green blocks.


all of them have lots of Damaged blocks (yellow) and at least 1 unreadable block

Your problems is either a bad drive, or bad media, or both. Very rarely, a bad IDE cable can cause similar issues, but the most common cause is the media or the combination of media and drive. Try burning you media at 32x or 24x and see if the errors go away, if not then try different media, preferably TY (Fuji) 48x. If better media doesn’t solve it, your drive is bad.


Originally posted by rdgrimes

try different media, preferably TY (Fuji) 48x. If better media doesn’t solve it, your drive is bad.

already tried different medias and different drives. 3 different drives to be precise. And also tried all speeds including 4x. The problem is my system, but i dont know what to do. Already tried everything possible and imaginable. :confused:


Sorry, but if the discs are scanning high error rates, then that’s your problem. There are rare cases of IDE data corruption due to cables or controllers, sometimes drivers. Take the same discs that scan high error rates on your system and scan them on a different system.
It’s physically impossible for currupted data to cause C1-C2 read-errors on a burned disc. You can burn corrupted data, but the read-error scans will be normal. Likewise, if your IDE or other system hardware was causing corrupted data, your hard drives would suffer too.
What CDR media, exactly, have you tried? Check the ATIP and see who it’s made by. consult the FAQ if you’re unfamiliar with how to do that.


Heres what nero scandisk says about almost all CDs that I burn.
Its the same when scanned in other machine. So theres no reading problem. The burning with my system is fucking the CDs.
Its the same with every Cd Writer i try, every media, and every speed !


Originally posted by soopersonic
[B]What about your power supply? Perhaps it could be too weak :confused:

well just my two cents… [/B]

It would be nice if this was true, but i just replaced my Power supply and the problem simply persists… :confused:

My Computer has Devil Inside instead of Intel Inside…
it Wont let me burn CDs no more !


I repeat, it’s physically impossible to see error scans like that as a result of currupted data. You are not checking data corruption , you are scanning the discs surface for “readability”. It has nothing to do with the data, (except that it is unreadable). It IS, in fact, a reading problem, because that’s all your testing. You can burn totally corrupted data and have the scan look perfect.

There are 4 possible causes for that scan:

  1. really crappy media
  2. burning media too fast
  3. really crappy burner.
  4. some combination of the above.

Try scanning a manufactured data CD, at least 650MB, as see what you get.



can you enlighten one thing for me:

Is it possible to burn (with RAW mode or some other trick perhaps) a CD with a cdrw drive on which the payload data on the disc does not match the error checking code words? That is, the data is written that does not match the Reed-Solomon codes.

From what you say above (although in relation to another situation), I understand that this is not possible with consumer cdrw drives and software.

Let’s now assume, to simplify the discussion, that no read based errors (focus/tracking errors) exist at all (all C1/C2 errors are actual errors on the disc itself, encoded wrong).

I’m interested in this, because it would be very useful to design and burn a test disc that contained burst errors of increasing size (up to and over 3874 consecutive bits). This disc could then be used on various drives to test their error correction circuitry and only that, because no amount of re-reading or servo tracking would enable the drive to get more correct bits off the disc.

Best regards,


A bit off topic here. C!/C2 errors do not exist on the disc, they are the result of the interaction between the disc and the reader. One drive can read a disc with no errrors where another drive will report errors. My understanding is that the readability of the discs results from the shape and sharpness of the edges of the pits and lands, not to mention the placement of them, consistancy of the tracking, etc. What you are asking isn’t really possible, most people just use a damaged disc, one with scratches or even marks on it. I suppose you could use some sort of manual control over the laser calibration to create bursts of under/over burned pits and lands, but re-creating it consistantly would be impossible. not to mention the variation between media.


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