Help copying Theory Test CD

Hi Ladies gents…
firstly i’m new so Hi to the comunity.
ok I got a bit of a problem. I have never copied CD’s before that have protection on them and therfore not sure what I must do. I have used DVD decrypter and Shrink for my DVD’s to copy in past.

The software I’m tryng to copy is the Official DSA complete theory test kit. The disk is a CD-R not DVD. I have tried to copy it with CloneCD and Alchol120 but when I try to run it keeps saying ‘please insert the original disc instead of a backup’
I have had a look as the tutorials but kinda got a little frightened with all that information lol.

Hope some one can point me in the right direction.


My eyes! What font did you use? BlindlySpasticEpilepticWindings.fnt?

Ahem… moving on…

You have made a backup, but the software probably still checks for the copy protection on the disc. Try scanning the original disc with a tool to check the copy protection and look for information in the appropriate CD Freaks forum.

Cheers for that mate.

Hi there i had similar problem, so far I have scanned using tool called
([B]A-Ray Scanner[/B]), so far it revealed a protection type
(SecuRom, does any one know how to deal with it? thank you.

^ Is it a cd or dvd?

Its a DVD ^.

I am having the same problem. Bought this DVD last week but its really loud for some reason.

The trick i use to bypass the Securom is to put the disk in for a second then take it out once the exe has loaded. Then its fully playable becuase the files are read from the local disk. It uses XML, Flash and HTML too, but you cant run it from a browser either.

DaemonTools lite/pro w- full options on does not work

What is the possibility of SecuRom 7xx being bypassed?

See this tutorial.