Help copying PS2 games



I’m pretty new to DVDFAB. I have Platium I have no problem doing movies, but I wanted to know how to do PS2 games. I put a game in to copy but fab doesn’t notice disc, it tells me please insert disc.


Hello aber3
Welcome to the DVDFab forum :smiley: first thing you want to do is install version beta, when you copy your PS2 games you want to use “Clone Mode” and if you are using DVD+R disc’s then you need to make sure you have “Booktype” checked in common settings also burn at a slow speed.
If your PS2 console is not mod or chiped you will need to use “Swap Magic” and a slid tool.
If the program is not notice disc try putting the disc in your drive before you open the program


I put disc in first, but the source says please insert dvd disc.


Hi aber3
Please give some detail on your system :confused: like your
operating system, brand of your burner and firmware.
also have you tried cleaning the disc :confused:
Did you update to version beta :confused: some members have had trouble with version