Help (copying on the fly)

Any one know what copy on the fly

Copy on the fly? Very small print on an insect? The writing on the zipper of one’s trousers?

Making a copy of an optical disc from one drive to another without the intermediate step of ripping to a hard drive first. Can be done with unencrypted discs with no issues. And even with encrypted video, if you use a program like AnyDVD HD in the background, it is possible to copy straight over to another disc of the appropriate size if you are copying without compression. But I have always advised ripping encrypted video to the hard drive first. It may be an extra step, but there are fewer variables to go wrong.

I copy on the fly with two portable battery operated DVD burners while being shot out of a cannon . I get higher recording speed that way.

I just couldn’t resist this one .
Actually I agree with the second part Kerry posted.