Help copying my newly purchased copy of "the prestige" on dvd



i really don’t know much about copying. i bought a burner and my cousin hooked me up with this dvd x copy program and it worked every single time… until now. i bought the prestige on dvd and really would like a back up copy. it gives me an error every time at 13. i tried wiping it off and found that it still didnt work and checked google and found this…

i downloaded dvd decrypter, nero, and dvd shrink. the problem is though i really don’t know what i’m doing or what the thread is saying so it would be really helpful if someone could give me step by step instructions or a simpler way if its possible. THANKS ALOT


No; you rented the movie on DVD and want to copy it, which is why I closed your other thread.

If you ask about this again, your forum access may be revoked.