Help copying Max Pyane 2!



I need help copying Max Pyane 2!! Please help me!!! :sad:


What ar you using to accompish this? A little more info please. Max Payne 2 is Securom Protected therefore Alcohol 120% can complete the task using RMPS Emulation.


Well I’m using my Lite-on COMBO SOHC-5232K and copying with Alchol 120% but all it says when I pop in the CD and try to start the game is Please insert Max Pyane disk 2.


Make sure to create the image using Securom New 4/5 profile. When burning back to disc Make sure to burn RMPS to the Disc. Then before playing Make sure that ‘Ignore Media Type’ and ‘RMPS’ Emulations are enabled. Go to Extra Emulation and enable ‘Sub-Channel Data and Fixed Emulation’. Copy will work.





Ok I did every thing that says but here is what happens

Now this even when I insterted my Memorex CD-R and this file is only 737mb
it says it needs more space!!!


Dude Look for the flaw here:

(look at the screen dump)


I think I will post my illustrated guide to SecuROM backups now…