Help...copying from HD to cdr

Hi all! I am using a liteon 24x burner, and have a question. I can burn pics etc to cdrw, but I’m wondering what you have to do to take a game(deadly dozen demo) and burn it to a cdr? Its a free game, but my cous has a snail isp…:slight_smile: any help would be great…I use nero 5.5 by the way…thanks all…look forward to someday helping some else here!:slight_smile:

just start a new iso, drag the demofile onto your iso tab and start burning (it works the same as burnin’ pics)

Its as easy as 1 2 3

Thanks all for the post…I thought it was supposed to be that easy but it didn’t work…I get an illegal operation error when starting the exe file on deadly dozen…I went through the steps nero said, and came out with a complete cd…no errors according to the software…tried it and it still doesn’t run…any other thoughts? this software is very easy to use…seems too easy…I must have missed something…thanks in advance…tom

An illegal operation seems like a damaged/corrupt file. Are you using proper CD-R’s? Maybe it will help to write the files at a lower speed. The process, like said, it as easy as 1,2,3 :smiley:

Man, not as easy as I thought it was going to be…I find it hard to believe there would be protection on a demo that you can get for free…so thats out of the question…next, burned it at 12x on a 16x cd-r…did the verify check after it was complete…(iso1) and still get the illegal error…man, if copying a demo is this tough…I’m in for a long ride:) could it possibly be that I have the game already on HD, and the exe is getting mixed thoughts on which to start? I dunno…everything checked out fine…2 coasters:)…anything else Gam3? byw, thanks for the support…I like this place already:)

WW2GAME caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 0177:bff7b983.
EAX=00000020 CS=0177 EIP=bff7b983 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=00000000 SS=017f ESP=007ed408 EBP=00fa4240
ECX=00f72260 DS=017f ESI=00000020 FS=0c5f
EDX=007ed43c ES=017f EDI=00fa44f8 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
80 3e 04 74 0f 33 c0 50 50 50 68 05 00 00 c0 e8
Stack dump:
00000000 00f618ae 00000020 00f5e13d 00000000 00fa44f8 00fa4240 00000000 00f47224 00000000 00f6f618 007ed43c 007ef728 69766544 30206563 756f6620

Well above cannot be understood by any normal person :wink: I can suggest you give CloneCD a try. Who knows there might be a protected scheme on the disc (although I seriously doubt it). Try scanning the disc for protections with a program like ClonyXL (for downloads check

Unless I am blind, I don’t know how you can take a file on your harddrive, and use clone cd. I don’t have the disk for deadly dozen…I downloaded it off fileplanet(its a demo)…so I have it on HD, and my last burn did show it had to bad sector…the last 2 sectors of the disk…like 60086 and 60087. everything looks identical between the burned copy, and my HD download(file sizes etc)…just won’t boot…grr…I did(I believe) suceed in backing up HH 2002 baseball though:) tried it on both drives, and it boots fine…gonna try it on another puter…thats the tough part with sd2…don’t know if it’ll run/install on another. thanks again…sorry for the bother, but damn I’m stumped lol…3 hours of reading your posts/forum, and I feel like I know a lot more, and actually UNDERSTAND it:)

CloneCD indeed can’t write files of your harddisk. It needs a previously created image (I thought you had the disc)… Well we did find the problem. Maybe the download was corrupted due to not downloading the file at once (so using a resume option). The Lite-On 24x is an excellent writer btw. so you shouldn’t have problems with normal games.

WW2GAME caused an invalid page fault in

Usually a invalid page fault means that something to access a protected area in the kernel. Maybe the fault lies in something
in the program itself, does it do this all the time? Like everytime you run it?? Does the game require a new version of directx?
What type of OS are you running(WIndows obviously, what version)?

Try burning the game at a slower speed and see if the errors are re-occuring. If its a demo game then shouldnt be any protection on it, but this is a image you downloadedd off the net …

Hmm interesting. Give me a link to that file and Ill see if I get the same error.

If your copying from a folder on your hard drive that the origional installer placed the game your are not getting everyghing that the installer origionally put on your drive to make the game work.

If your copying from something like C program files\ then it wont work. (There should be a : between C and program, but the board puts a :stuck_out_tongue: face in there.)

If your copying from a folder that contains the installation program (the origional download) then the problem may be a hidden file. I had trouble copying stuff when I first started using my burner. By default windows hides some files from view. Those files are important and shouldn’t be adjusted or deleted.

To change the settings just go to the control panel and find folder options. Then click the view tab and look for hidden files and folders. Change this from do not show to show and then see if there are any transparent looking files in the folder you are trying to copy.

Anything that looks transparent was a hidden file.

You can also make sure you copy everything in a folder by just putting the whole folder in the CD image instead of trying to select everything in a folder.

This is the file (deadly dozen … Its not that I need the game, but I now WANT to solve this thing lol…its been bugging me for a few days now…I did drag the entire folder also…so any files hidden would come with it…I find it hard to have errors when I can run it off my HD…I have tried a few disks…and a cdrw disk too…same result…seems something is missing…my os is win98 fyi. Also direct x 8.0a is installed…I have very few posts hehe…but know quite a bit about the puter itself…(buildin them…actually creating some sweet ones!:)…I tried burning it at a few different speeds also…16/12, and 4…still same junk…(answering PSY’s questions--------->

The game runs fine off HD…so all of the components are there in that folder…if the game were to need something else off my HD(from the burned cd) it would have full access to anything the one on HD would…so it can’t be that…? Like I said up top…I’ve actually taking both folders, and tried them…infogames folder, which contains the deadly dozen folder…tried the togther, and seperate…still same result…man, at first I thought this blows…but now that it isn’t the easiest thing to figure out, I’m more interested than ever lol…thanks guys…anything else, drop it down…I’m gonna fiddle a bit more…I can’t see downloading it again, as it works fine now lol…the only thought left is the save game portion…you don’t need to continue, but sometimes those save games create probs when you have the same save on 2 disks(remember good old bards tale lol)…just a thought…as anything seems like a try…thanks again! tom

I think I have this figured out now.

I downloaded the deadly dozen from the link you provided, and I received a file called This archive file contained several files that are used to install the program onto a computer so it can run. The installer is started by running setup.exe. This folder is the install folder.

The program is installed to C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Deadly Dozen Demo by default. (program folder)

You can’t just put this folder onto a CD-R and move it to another computer or expect it to run from the CD-R.

The heart of the problem lies in what happens when that installer runs. The installer creates and fills the program folder with files that were origionally stored in a compressed format in a file called _SETUP.1 which is in the install folder. It also moves files to other locations that are nessicary for the program to run. Another thing the installer does is to put information into the windows registry.

The registry is an almost machine code level file that serves as the go between for the program that is installed and windows. The registry contains information that determines how the program runs and the location of files that the program uses to run that are not in the program folder. I am not certain of all the things the registry does, but I am 100% certain it contains information that is critical to the operation of most software running on any windows operating system.

Without those support files and the information contained in the registry most programs will not run. The only way a program will run is if everything it needs to run is in it’s program folder. Most programs are not like that.

In support of this idea I found a site that does provide some information about dependent and support files. It is at

In further support, click the start button and then click run. You will get a little window with a text box in it. type regedit and click OK. The windows registry editor will start. In the Edit drop down menu click find. Then type deadly into that window and click Find Next. You should get a window that has 3 registry keys in it. These particular keys seem to have someting to do with the uninstaller for the game. They are not the only entries in the registry. These were just easy to find. To see more just keep using the find next. Even if you copied all these registry keys to another computer I doubt it would work since the keyword we used to find them is probably not found in all the entries.

It isn’t recomended to change the registry without having a good knowlege of what your changing. It’s pretty safe to look, but this file is the real heart of your operating system. Any changes made could have unexpected results.

In conclusion, the answer is that the only reliable way I know to move a progam to another computer is to have the origional installer. That’s the folder that needs to be copied.

There are programs available that claim to be able to figure out the dependencies and registry entries to put it all together into a new installer program. That installer program can then be used to install the software on another computer, but I haven’t had any experience with them that was actually successful.

I hope this answers your question.

Excellent info psychic51 :smiley:

AH HA!..As I stated beofre…great to have people that WANT to find these answers…I think you summed it up great…I’ll continue my burnin, and give you guys a thumbs up…this place is great!..tom