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hey guys i was wondering if anybody could help me or give some advice. I am having problems making copys of copys I have already made. I am using clonedvd2 and anydvd to make the orginal copy then still using clonedvd2 without anydvd to make the copys of the copys and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. I keep getting the message: File 1 I:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_04_1.VOB 1 TCSectorReader or cycle redundency check. I have been told that it may be the media that I am using but some of the same brand will copy and some wont. For instance I have a dvd on a verbatim dvd that will copy and the other wont they are not scratched and both were made the same way with the same settings so any advice would be very helpful thanks alot

nero 7 is what i use

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done. :slight_smile:

I keep getting the message: File 1 I:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_04_1.VOB 1 TCSectorReader or cycle redundency check

When I get that I use the ripit4me, dvd decrypter, dvd shrink method and it works every time

That would be for a copyright-protected disc. For an already copied disc with copyright protection already removed, that’s 2 programs more and more time spent than necessary.


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hey thanks guys let me give it a try

hey guys that didnt work for me could be possible that the media that it was recorded on is junk and cheap not allowing it to be read correctly to be copied

Blame it on cheap and junk media.

is it possible for some of the same brand to work and some not if they are from the same batch

It’s either poor burns or damaged discs, and it doesn’t sound like damaged discs from what you said. Now poor burns does NOT necessarily mean that the media is to blame, it could be a lack of burner/firmware support causing poor burns, it could be the burn speed that was used, etc. And yes it’s possible that some will work better than others from the same batch.

You need to give more details to narrow down the likely root of the problem. Download Nero CD-DVD Speed (it’s free) and tell us the burner model listed and firmware listed next to the burner model, put one of the discs in question into the drive and click on the media info tab and tell us what the media code is (RITEK G05, MCC004, TYG02, etc). Also tell us the brand of the discs and what burn speed you are burning them at.

alrighty will do

ok i already had nero cd-dvd speed and did wut you told me to do i ran a scan disk on the dvd and it said that there are bad and damaged portions on the dvd would that cause the problem i am having the burner is hp dvd writer 940d 3h23 the brand of dvd is verbatim and the speed at which it was burned was set to maximum and the max on the burner program is 16x the program used was clonedvd2 so that should be the info you needed any additional help would be great thanks again

Yes that would cause the copying problems. Verbatim is very good media so I would not expect that to be the issue here. Try a burn at 8x, and update your burner’s firmware to the latest available. Your HP burner is made by another company as they don’t actually make burners themselves, just brand them, but I don’t know what model it actually is. I believe it’s a Liteon, you might want to start a thread in the Liteon forum here at CDFreaks asking how your burner can be ‘crossflashed’ so that you can get better performance out of it.

As for copying those discs that are poorly burned, you may not be able to, sorry to say. There are some programs available that continually re-read the disc and try to get more data off of them, but they can take hours or even days and are not necessarily going to be successful, so unless the data’s vitally important then you should just update your drive, try burning a little slower such as 8x, and test your discs using the ‘transfer rate test’ to see if they are readable or not.

hey thanks alot