Help copying backup DVD's and playing on PC




I’m new to all this so I hope somebody can help.

I can copy DVD’s using Clone DVD 2 whilst having AnyDVD running in the background. All my copies work fine in normal DVD players but when I insert the copy DVD into my drive it does not recognise the disc meaning that I can’t make a backup of the backed up DVD.

Is there some software that I need that enables me to play & copy my backed up DVD’s on my PC?

My DVD drive is NEC _DVD+RW ND-2100AD

Looking forward to your reply.



Try restarting your comp. If that doesnt fix it your problem is bigger.



Thanks for the reply but I’ve tried restarting my PC. It’s strange why originals play normally on the PC but for some reason the copies won’t. Would I need to add some firmware/software that will solve my problem?


There is no reason why a copy DVD shouldn’t work - are you using your burner to read the disc that it has burnt?