HELP copy TV Season, will not play pass 5




I’m know new and I’m sorry if some eles has asked the same ?

For ssoftware I’m uesing DVD Decrypter and Nero. I’m also uesing DL DVD+R

Here the ? I copy my Married With Children: Season 2 that has 10 shows and when I but it in a DVD player and play all shows it will not go pass show 5?

Please help



Hi Nathansceller & Welcome to CDF:

If you did not use Verbatim DL media, that might be a major problem. I believe Verbatim is the only DL media recommended and with other media, you will have errors and playback problems.

Can you see the menu for the DVD when you play it on your [U]computer[/U]? It’s possible the menus display properly on the computer but not when played on the stand-alone DVD player. Can you use the remote control to forward from episode 4 to 5 and beyond?


As jeff says Verbatim is really the only DL media to use.

The way to do a 1:1 copy is rip with DVD Decrypter in ISO Read mode & then burn the image created with the same app or ImgBurn.

It clearly is not getting past the layer break & the way I’ve shown is the best way to do it. Nero doesn’t come into it.


Thanks jeff53404 and TimC for your help

When I brun Movies it seems to work fine both on the stand-alone DVD player and computer.

For the TV shows on a stand-alone DVD player. I can use the menus and remote control to forward from episode 1 to 5 but not beyond.

I have 120 Memorex and Fujifim DVD+R DL that are payed for do you think If I read and burn with ISO mode that this DVD will work?

Also were can I get a copy of same app or ImgBurn?


I fund a copy of ImgBurn on


Because the media is poor quality there’s no certainty about this but it’s the only option you have I think.

BTW “same app” referred to DVD Decrypter as in the same app you used to read the original.

I know you’ve found it but ImgBurn is found on the ImgBurn site at .

When buying media it’s best to get same quantities first to ensure that they work before buying in bulk.

If you can’t get the Memeorex & Fuji to work I’d advise getting a 5 pack of Verbatims 2.4x +R DL disks & try those & if that works try selling the others on ebay.