Help copy/rip

I’m trying to copy files from a CD to my PC
and also copy to a new CD as well.

I can’t seem to find a way to do both without
going thru several steps.

One way is to do a “copy” and then while the
files are in a temporay folder (buffer) I copy them to
a new folder. At this point I’m interupting
the normal process, because at this point
its usually waiting for me to insert the
new CD. This is using “Musicmatch Jukebox”.

When using “Sonic recordnow” I can’t even seem to do the
middle step, after I do the initial copy, it then wants
the new CD.

In any case what I want to do is make 2 sets of copies
1 to my pc and 1 to a new CD.
Seems like after I do the initial ‘copy’ and the
files are in the buffer I should be able to make
multiple copies without going thru the whole ‘copy’
process again ?
If anyone is familiar with either of these 2 programs and can
help let me know, or if there are better programs available.
Freeware is nice.

Running win XP
These aren’t even music files but talking/teaching

How come when I copy these to the PC they
turn out as .mp3 but on the new CD as .cda ?