Help! Copy CD, finished install and need original!



I made backups of several games like "Pac Man Adventures in Time". Once I finish the installation in my other computer I can't run the game, the system keeps asking to insert original CD.

I am not sure what is happening and how to resolve this problem. Once I finished copying the backup disk I did verify If I had all the same files and same size as original CD.

I heard that most of the games also have a CD-Check in the main executable. In this case the original or backup CD is required to play the game. I insert the my backup CD and still te system keeps asking for the original?

I am traveling and all that I have with me are these backup CDs that I was able to copy, can install and can't run, the system keeps asking to insert original disk.

Next time If I try copying all the files from the orginal CD to the hard drive first and then copy all the files to a CD, is that a good way? Is there any difference than copying from CD to CD directly?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you