Help! Copy CD, finished install and need original to run!

I made backups of several games like “Pac Man Adventures in Time”. Once I finish the installation in my other computer I can’t run the game, the system keeps asking to insert original CD.

I am not sure what is happening and how to resolve this problem. Once I finished copying the backup disk I did verify If I had all the same files and same size as original CD.

I heard that most of the games also have a “CD-Check” in the main executable. In this case the original or backup CD is required to play the game. I inserted the backup CD and still the system keeps asking for the original? Is there away to remove this “CD-Check”?

I am traveling and all that I have with me are these backup CDs that I was able to copy, can install and can’t run, the system keeps asking to insert original CD.

Next time If I try copying all the files from the orginal CD to the hard drive first and then copy all the files to a CD, is that a good way? Is there any difference than copying from CD to CD directly?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you

Jedi welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It is kind of obvious you’re inexperienced as far as backing up games. If you have spent a some more time reading a few of the posts (nomatter which ones) you would have figured out that most of the game titles released nowdays are copied protected in sofisticated ways (cd check being just one of them).

It is not usually possible to copy these games just by using the cdcopy function of programs such as nero or roxio and it is certainly not possible to back them up by just copying them to your hdd and then burning them. In that respect it is quite logical that your pc is still asking for the cd even if you put your backup in the drive.

The use of special software such as clone cd etc plus specific hardware is sometimes necessary to make perfect 1:1 back ups of such protected games.

I suggest reading the sticky threads here and here and using the search function on how to make working backups of protected games.

In general you need a software that can detect the kind of protection the game is using like clony and another program for burning the game such as clonecd

Use the search function for finding further info on how to use them :wink:

PS: Dont be offended if this is transfered to the newbie section (cauze i bet it will!)