Help! Copied DVDs won't work!




I’m new here and I just bought a DVD burner with my new computer.

I am currently trying to burn Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD. Using CloneDVD, I selected only the movie, the chinese audio track, with english subtitiles using the “custom” feature.

The DVD will burn sucessfully, and I can play it fine on my DVD-writer.

However, when I try it on my TV DVD player or my DVD-ROM, it will only play the introduction (Tri-star, Columbia…) and will stop playing right after. (16 sec). After that, it will not play at all, and none of the controls will work.

Anyway, I am using DVD Decrypter and Clone DVD on an LG DVD writer.

What am I doing wrong? plz help!



Almost certainly a bad burn caused by using poor quality media or media that isn’t compatible with your drive.



I agree with Forum member philamber assessment that you problem is caused DVD media incompatibility between your DVD burner and the particular DVD media you are using.

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting concerning DVD media incompatibility. This will provide information that might be helpful to you.

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thanks for the advice.

I tried to look it up using the links you guys have given me, and it seems to me that the general trend is that Verbatim brand DVD-R have good compatiblity with my LG GSA-4163B. (am i correct in my assumption?)

Is there any chance that the reason that the movie only plays 16 sec is because my DVD player can only play DVD-R? (i’m currently using Memorex DVD+R 8x).

thanks in advance.




As detailed in the referenced Forum link did you to ensure that your LG GSA-4163B DVD Burner has the latest firmware installed?

To determine the current firmware of your DVD burner use a software utility similar to DVDInfo Pro (

Then visit the CD Freaks LD Forum ( and ensure that your LG GSA-4163B DVD Burner has the latest firmware installed.

Concerning your DVD Player being able to play DVD+R media. I haven’t the slightest idea because you have failed to provide any information about your DVD Player. Suggest visiting the Video Help DVD Player Compatibility List ( and check to see if you DVD Player can play DVD+R media.

Perchance have you checked for Spyware and defragmented your Hard Drive as suggested in the referenced Forum link?

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