Help converting Ts_Video to iPod format w/ DVDFab; multiple codecs



Just joined the site today after browsing your forums the last few days. Use my computer for many things; work, gaming, entertainment, and converting video and backing up my collection of movies has also become a hobby.

I suppose I am a Newbie, although I built my last two computers and have been using some version of DVDNext Copy for years to back up my DVDs; I’ve also been using Pinnacle’s Mobile Media Converter to convert my DVDs to my video iPod; both have worked pretty well.

At times I’ve also dabbled in DivX conversions, but not enough to really understand all the mechanics (codecs, filters, bitrates, etc. etc.); both DVDNext Cpy & MMC are very easy to use and don’t require (or allow) much configuration or tweaking.

However, I just bought the full version of DivX Pro to convert a movie I was having trouble converting to iPod w/ MMC (converted it from DVD to DivX then to iPod w/ MMC), and a few days later I bought DVDFab Platinum because the free version of that app ripped a movie DVDNC was unable to rip.

So now that I have all these programs (and I’m sure, conflicting codecs; I also have WM Player 11 and WinDVD 7 on my system) I’ve been experimenting with different iPod conversions to get the best quality and consistent results; I’m getting mixed results at best.

So, I’m here now to try and find some answers as to why I’m having difficulty with many of the conversion configurations (DivX makes you download the free AC3Filter so that’s one more codec). I suspect it has to do with all the different codecs and their priority, etc., but with all the trial-and-error testing I’ve done I still can’t make sense of what’s happening, and I’m afraid it’s above my head at this point!

I am currently only having trouble converting to iPod format using MMC or DVDFab; so far neither conversion from DVD to Video_TS nor burning has been a problem, although I suspect I might have problems yet with all these codecs and priority settings. (Some audio file extensions are .mp4 and others are .m4v? I think the files iTunes converts or downloads are .m4v…)

I’m converting only from the Video_TS files on my HDD, not straight from DVD. All of my conversions work to produce a movie I can play on Quicktime, regardless of the resolution I pick; but not all of them will transfer to the iPod (error says iPod unable to play that file); so far only 320 x 240 will transfer, but sometimes that resolution won’t even transfer.

I’m prety sure it’s the audio stream and how I’m configuring the various codecs and preferences on my system.

So I’ll start with this first question: which codec(s) does DVDFab normally use by default? According to GSpot, my DivX codecs seem to have the highest merit; also AC3Filter has a program setting that allows you to prefer it to any others, etc…should I give the DVDFab codecs priority when I’m using that program? If so how do I do that and set them back when done (if desirable?)?

Thanks for any tips/suggestions! :bow:

System specs:

WinXP Home SP2 fully updated (except for IE 7)
AMD Athlon64 FX-60 OC’d to 2.81ghz/core (stable)
2GB PC3200 OCZ Platinum Mem (default timing I think unless FSB OC changed them)
ATI X1900 512MB Crossfire Ed (not OC’d)
ATI X1900XTX 512MB (not OC’d)
Creative X-Fi Platinum
Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe MOBO
HDD - WDC Raptor 74GB
HDD - Seagate 160GB
Plextor DVDR PX-740A
Sony RW DW-Q30A
Thermaltake 640w psu w/ dual 12V Crossfire rails (utilized)
Thermaltake Bigwater SE CPU cooling


Thanks red13gr.

That’s a great guide for the basic steps to convert the files using DVDFab Plat, which I use, but unfortunately it doesn’t really cover which codecs the app uses, which codecs overall are best to use, codec merit/priority, which resolutions and bitrates get the best results, etc.

Maybe this conversion method/media hasn’t been around long enough for someone to write a more detailed, advanced guide?


This is not simple and newbie question you would be better off to post this question on DVDFAB forum that more specialized question being discussed.


Yes, I’ll transfer this to the CD Freaks DVD Fab subforum…


DVDFab does not currently support external codecs (the developers have said it may in the future). The ffdshow codec seems to work best for playback of Fab produced files. Whatever the internal codec is now seems to choke a little bit if you really push the video bitrate up (seems to be system dependant based on user posts) but does not generally give good results above 1000-1200 kbps (audio sync issues) but at that point you’re probably just as well off to highly compress in one of DVDFab’s MPEG-2 modes. All that being said, the image quality that these modes produce is very good (some users play them on bigscreen TVs) and the software gives the user many ways to fine tune the output (audio and video bitrates, screen size, audio type ,cbr/vbr, two pass encoding, etc.) For more detailed answers, perhaps other users will contribute or Ting, the author of this part of DVDFab, is often in the forum and may see this thread. You could also send Ting a PM with questions about specific issues.


Thanks Signals,

I’ll ask Ting.

When you say DVDFab doesn’t support external codecs, I assume you mean it won’t use any others but it’s own internal? The reason I ask is I’m sure that the settings I tweaked with AC3Filter had an effect on whether the iPod would transfer it; if I had AC3Filter set as the default codec in that apps’ settings, the file would only transfer to iPod if it was encoded in 2.0 stereo, 16bit. If I had ‘Prefer other codecs’ checked in the AC3Filter settings it didn’t matter what audio channel output I had AC3Filter set to, it would use some other codec…not sure which (probably the native DVDFab codec)…but whatever it is it must be encoding in 2.0 stereo because those conversions will transfer.