HELP: Converting a Memorex 48-24-48 to a Lite-On 48-24-48

That’s the right procedure right? Convert Memorex to a LiteOn 48-24-48, and then from there you can go up to a LiteOn 52-24-52.

What are the official steps?

So I’ve got this Memorex 48-24-48.

Installed the drive, and Nero (i think), ran Nero’s Speed, it said 48MAXX. So all is good.

Here is where I need help. I too have a Memorex 48-24-48. I made a bootable Win98 floppy, copied both the mtkflash and 6S02.ace files you linkified above. Not knowing much about mtkflash, but being a software developer, I ran the following to try to first backup my flash:

mtkflash 3 R poop

A file was created named “poop” whose size was slightly larger than the 6S02.ace file I have. So I’m thinking I have a good backup.

I then try to update the flash. First run failed I believe because i didn’t include the /B flag:

mtkflash 3 W /B 6S02.ACE

It ran fine, doing an update on 2 banks (whatever that is).

When I reboot, no errors, but the drive is not recognized. Furthermore, running Nero’s CD Speed gives the following error:

Unable to initialize WNASPI32.dll

I thought ‘ok’, i ca hunt one down off the web, place it, and register it… but turns out there is already one there under /system. Again, this is a Win98SE box.

Lastly, I tried to reset the unit back to stock by rewriting the flash with the “poop” file I made earlier. Interesting, only 1 bank was written, but it ran without error. Rebooting still results in drive not recognized.

Hopefully I’ve given enough detail. Any ideas? Linkify files if I need to go get them.


Oh boy , spare me !

You know what, this is called crossposting,
simply because you’ve been given good enough answers both via PM and
@ Success! Memorex 48x24x48 to Lite-On 48246S