Help! Convert .avi to .vob or .iso to shrink

Hello all, is there a software that can shrink an .avi file to DVD 4.7 disk? I have programs to convert the .avi file but only to mpeg, wmv or Realmedia. DVD shrink only works on .vob and .iso files. Any suggestions? :confused:

dvd shrink is a software that allow to compress video DVD. It don’t works in any way with avi movies.

If you want to convert an avi in dvd you don’t need dvd shrink, but you need a mpeg encoder and a DVD authoring software.

Take a look here to see some examples

You may try winavi video converter which can convert avi to dvd as well as other conversions pretty good.

dvd santa works but i warn you about codecs getting all tangled up XD

Nero Vision does a nice job, if you happen to have it.

Thanks to all for your replies :clap: /found a couple of software programs.
WinAVI did a good job/pros very fast /cons you have to pay to remove the tags, not going to do that. Tried Convertmovie also didn’t workout.
Ulead Video Studio 7 se/ got with my firewire card it is slower but gets the job done. I run NeroVision that came with an external Sony DL DVD-RW burner. Let me tell you what i have for a system
My system
WinXP SP2 5.1.2600,P4 3ghz,512ram,800 fsb
Samsung SATA 160gig hard drive
Sony CD-RW
Philips DVD±RW
Pci Radeon X600 256mg Hypermemory ATI video
1394 firewire card 400mb
Canopus ADVC-100 Adapter to burn movies from VHS
Gets the job done the largest drawback it’s on a system locked preinstalled Pc :o


How to convert avi to vob.
This guide is for people who just wants to convert avi.files to vob.files and burn them onto a DVD and that’s it, not mess around with reauthoring films and all that carry on.

I put this step by step guide together because I found it hard to find out how to convert avi.files to vob.files, I could never find a straight forward answer for what I wanted to do, so if all your interested in doing is getting an avi.file and putting it on to a DVD to watch on your DVD player or play station then read on.

The first thing you should do is go to this site and download the “Convert x To DVD” software, they have a trial option which you can download but the trouble with this is it will leave the companies name as a watermark on your film so I would recommend buying the software. Then install the software, if you don’t know how to do this then double click on the .exe file and follow the instructions.

Next once you have the software go through the settings to what you want the software to do.

This is how I have my settings and I don’t have a problem, it works perfectly for me and seems to play on anything I put the DVD in.

Firstly create a new folder in “My Documents” or wherever you want the software to put the vob files and call it lets say “convert-x-to-dvd”.

Right now let’s have a look at the settings, this is based on the software’s version 2.1.14 (This is the one I use) but I can’t imagine any updates of this software will be much different. Go to the “settings” tab and click it, then click the “general” tab, under the “working folder” browse to the folder you have just create in “My Documents” and click OK, all the options under that I have them un-ticked. Then select the “Theme” you want.

Next go to the “language” tab and choose your language.

Then go to the “Chapters” tab, both of my options are already ticked by default, the 1st option is “Insert Chapter Every” mine is set at 05:00 the next option is “For Videos Long Than” mine is set at 15:00. But I have never touched these.

Next go to the “Menu” tab, the 1st four options on mine are all un-ticked, then under the “Default Title” I’ve just got mine as DVD, you can change this to the name of the film if you wanted but you must remember to change this each time you burn a different film otherwise all your films will be call the same thing this is why I have mine as DVD in case I forget to change it. Next you choose a background picture if you wanted to, you can choose say a picture of a film poster or even a picture of yourself! But this will only show on your DVD if you have the “Include Menu” tick which you can play around with later. Next “Max Entries Per Page” don’t know what this means but mine is set to 4, Next “Font Type and Color” again I’ve never played with these but you can later if you want to.

Next go to the “Encoding” tab, the 1st option is “Log Engine Massages” this is un-ticked, next “Encoding Quality/Speed” Mine is set to “High quality / Slow Encoding” then “Target Size” mine is set to DVD-5 (4400mb), next the “Conversion Priority” mine is set at “Normal”.

Next the “Audio” tab, under the “Default Language” mine is set to “Unspecified” then under “Audio format” select “Automatic”, under that you see “Automatically adjust sound level – Max. Gain 18db” mine is un-ticked and all other options under that are un-ticked.

Next go to the “Subtitles” tab and again the “Default Language” is set to “Unspecified” and the “Auto-select default subtitle” is ticked.

Next the “Burning” tab, the 1st option is “Burn Result To Dvd” this will burn the vob files straight to a DVD for you when it has finished converting. All the options under this on mine are all un-ticked but you can choose want you want the software to do for you.

Next the “TV Format” tab, under “Video Standard” I wouldn’t recommend choosing “Automatic” because I had some problems with this, I live in the UK so I picked “PAL (Europe)” but if you live out of Europe then I would choose “NTSC”, I would also recommend reading a bit about this and find out what the difference’s are between “PAL & NTSC” because I don’t know anything about these. Next is the “TV Screen” again I had problems when I left it on “Automatic” so I just leave mine set on the “4:3 Fullscreen” option.

Right, now you have set your settings you want, click OK.

Just check that under the “Windows” tab along the top has the “information” & “log” options ticked so that if anything goes wrong for whatever reason it will tell you why.

Now your ready to convert them avi.files, go get your blank DVD and put it into your pc then click on the “file” tab along the top and click on “add video file” and browse to where you have saved the avi.file you want to convert.

Then simply click the convert button and away it goes, it will recognise that you have put a blank DVD in your pc and will burn the film as soon as it has finished converting.

When you want to burn avi.files in the future you don’t have to mess around with the settings, just “add video file” and click convert! The way I have set mine up, I don’t have to play with any setting and it works great. The quality and sound are perfect but the avi.file must be of good quality and sound in the 1st place otherwise you’ll get the same output when it’s converted.

I hope this helps people, as I couldn’t find anything like this when I have looking for information.

Convert X To DVD site -

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